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06/28/2008: "The Last Election in America"

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"The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." --Joseph Stalin

With election day just visible on the horizon, a bit of reflection on the last election in America. Oh, when was that? If you voted in the election of 1996, you voted in the last REAL election in this troubled land. I say that not because a Democrat was elected, but because it was the last election not held in the clutches of the neo-creeps behind President Weenie, who ultimately overturned democracy in America. That was before the election of 2000, when the Florida Secretary of State, beholden to the governor and brother of the presidential candidate, stepped in to gerrymander the votes from the Sunshine State, and the Supreme Court overstepped in any authority ever envisaged for them by the drafters of the Constitution by deciding an election.

End of game, children. Everyone lost.

Come 2004, the Bushits had installed computer technology for voters to cast their votes. Of course, the technology was owned by Diebold, whose owner is a MAJOR contributor to the ruling Republican party. When concerned secretaries of state wanted independent analysis of the software entrusted to the sacred task of voting, Diebold said, sorry, it's a proprietary trade secret. The ensuing debacle in Ohio, in which John Kerry lost, even though many, many more people claimed to have voted for him than were counted, pretty much ensured that democratic elections as we had come to know them in the last couple of centuries were done for.

In 2008 there could very well be a landslide for Obama, especially if he's smart enough to pick Hillary as his running mate, and the ruling powers may be hard pressed to cover it up. It will be necessary for the Weenie/Cheenie geeks to conjure up, say, a national emergency, or "leak" evidence at the last minute that Obama and bin Laden are really half brothers, invalidate the entire election and throw it back to the Supremes one more time. Welcome President McCain. What's that attached to your hip? Oh, it's former President Weener.

It is not a pleasant prospect, looking toward the election season. CNN will be all atwitter with the prospects of Obama being elected, and Fox will have a raging hard on for wacky John "The Hundred Years War" McCain. Abandon all hope if you watch the news for the next 160 days or so. But if you must watch, keep your eye on what they're not showing, and listen for what they're not saying. There's going to be a deluge of government sourced news trying to make the incumbent half wits look good.

Oh, and vote anyway. I couldn't hurt.

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on Thursday, August 14th, Aspasia said

Exactly. What the media doesn't say is always more important than what they DO say. I try to access as much independent news sources like Guerrilla News Network or IWT. Stay Dangerous, Mamie! You rule! big grin

on Wednesday, July 2nd, Bob said

Great to see you here again, still on top of your game, Dangerous One!